Four infrastructure projects have been proposed by members and shall be implemented when funds become available.
Proposal for construction of a Water Fountain: Approximately Ksh. 2m. The Water Fountain to have three tiers with a globe on the top Vercelli signifying that Moi University is universal, Water sprinkling to the globe at the top signifying that Moi University receives faculty and students from all over the world, Water flowing down to the second signifies that graduates go out to different parts of the world and Water pouring out into the lower Vercelli signifies the role of Alumni in contributing to making the world to be a better place.

Proposal for Construction of an ultra-modern hostel
: Approximately Ksh. 100m. Over the past decade, there has been rapid expansion of higher education in Kenya leading to increased enrolment especially in public universities. This has contributed to straining of existing facilities as universities try to quench the thirst for higher education. Moi University has had a tremendous increase in the number of student enrolment in the past years. The students’ population is increasing rapidly. Since its inception, the university’s physical facilities have remained modest and thus are currently over-stretched. The university has remained static in infrastructural development and is viewed to lag behind its competitors. In view of this, there is need to match the physical infrastructure with the current demand for hostels, lecture halls, laboratories, offices, recreational facilities and common spaces. This is in tandem with the university’s strategic goal of improving quality of the learning and living environment.

Statue in front of the Administration Block: Approximately Ksh. 2m. A statue to be put in-front of the administration building. The statue to be of the retired president Moi. Building of a statue to commemorate the retired President Daniel Moi for being the founder of the University and also serving the country for over 20 years.

Foot prints: Approximately Ksh. 10,000 each. The MUAA is interested to have footprints for Alumnus who will have contributed to development of the various projects. Footprint is a mark left by a foot or a shoe that can have the name of alumni that will be there for many years to come. The footprints will be put on the entrance of the buildings.