The 6th Alumni Annual General meeting was held on Friday, 22nd March 2018 at Hotel Sirikwa, in Eldoret. The event was attended by several delegates. The Moi University Band entertained the Guests as they arrived from 3 pm. The members were able to share updates on where they are currently working and network with each other.   During the meeting the minutes of the previous meeting held in March 2018 and a report highlighting the major activities of the previous year were presented. The revised Alumni Constitution was also presented and adopted with additional inputs from the members present. The members deliberated on the future of alumni and the need to develop strategic plans to bring on board more members to participate in activities and home-coming events.
The Chief Guest was the former Moi University Vice Chancellor Prof. David Some who is currently working at University of Eldoret he encouraged the alumni to find ways of giving back to their alma mater. He informed the members there are many ways they can be able to contribute to their alma mater and the funds can be used to support the needy students. Other guest speakers included Eng. Luke Kangogo, who said he retired from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. He stated that in the aviation industry there is a serious shortage of skilled personnel in Kenya. The skills gap is due to retirements and skilled employees leaving Kenya for greener pastures. He hailed the collaboration between Moi University and industry like the one with the East Africa School of Aviation which enables training of hands on graduates.

REPORT ON MUAA AGM 22 march 2019 1Participants during the 2019 Alumni Annual General Meeting

REPORT ON MUAA AGM 22 march 2019 2Eng Luke Kangogo retired from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
REPORT ON MUAA AGM 22 march 2019 3The Moi University Band entertaining guests

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“Our Alumni, Our Pillar”

Dr. Charles Lagat,
Director, International Programmes, Linkages & Alumni (IPLA).