The homecoming for classes of 1984 -1990 that was scheduled for 27th March 2020 and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been postponed until further notice.    
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Mugo Kibati
Mr. Mugo Kibati

CLASS OF 1991; He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and Electrical Engineering from Moi University. In 2009, Kibati was appointed Director General of Kenya Vision 2030, in that role, Kibati spearheaded the implementation of Kenya Vision 2030, the official national strategy to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized country by the year 2030.
During his tenure, Kibati, with the support of his colleagues in government, the private sector and civil society, laid the foundation for structured national transformation. He is also credited with rallying diverse stakeholders toward consensus on the pathway to economic growth and social development among many other achievements.